Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Two weekends ago we traveled down into the mountains of Central Pennsylvania to visit my family at our cottage. It really is the kind of place where the phrase "eat, drink, and be merry" holds true. It happened to be raining on the one morning we had to go out and make some pictures, so we made the best of it, and took to the inside. It's funny how the mood of the day always seems to effect the way that you shoot and mood the eventually comes out in the images. I feel like these look like a rainy day.

The rain did eventually let us and we were able to go out and explore a bit as well as head up to the lake where the fog and mist were hanging heavy. I'll be putting those up shortly, but for now enjoy!


  1. Beautiful work Adam. Really strong use and control of your depth of field.

    Look forward to seeing more.

  2. ya man, great stuff as usual! i love how you told me a strong visual story! images are all gorgeous too...