Monday, August 31, 2009

Limited Edition - The Exposure project

The Exposure Project Book - Issue 4 (Special Edition)
70 pages, Hardcover
Edition of 25
8 x 10 in.
2 Signed and Numbered Prints
$100 + S & H

Includes photographs by Chris Bentley, Rona Chang, Daniel Farnum, Elizabeth Fleming, Lee Gainer, Matthew Genitempo, Inka LindergÄrd & Niclas Holmström, Natascha Libbert, Bradley Peters, Carlo Van de Roer, Daniel Shea, Manuel Vazquez, Jens Windolf, Susan Worsham and Bahar Yurukoglu

Brian Ulrich's essay "Myths and Realities, Photography Moves Into the 21st Century"

Each Special Edition comes with your choice of two edition prints, signed and numbered by the artists. It is also packaged in an archival portfolio case made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. You can view the available prints here.

If you purchase a Special Edition, please e-mail you print selections to:

Each edition is limited to 10 prints, so buy one now to ensure you receive the images of your choice!

Also head over to The Exposure Project blog for our newest contest to win a copy of the new book, non-editioned, for free!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Two nights ago, I was in the darkroom again for the first time in quite awhile. Too long in fact. I was making a print for another photographer, and having to recall old skills and tricks to not only make the print breathe, but also to make it breathe the way he wanted it to, was harder then I remember. But like a bicycle, it all came back to me and soon enough we had our print, both he and I satisfied.

I was thinking on the way home from the printing, about printing and what and why I love it so much. Too much to list here, but I have posted three images from photographer Aaron Siskind, who was a early inspiration to me. I had seen a show of his work in Boston, without knowing who he was or what kind of work he made. The images resonated with me and to this day I can remember thinking in the gallery, that I wanted to make pictures that looked like this.

At the time I was in my second year of photo school and still trying to figure a lot of things out. Seeing these images not only gave me a frame of reference for what a picture could look like, but it also freed my mind up about what a picture can be. It can be simple and still convey emotions and feelings as good as any poem or portrait or great piece of music. I think over the next few days I will post more of my printing and photo hero's, it will be a good way for me to remember why all of this is so damn important to me anyway!


"Jerome 21 1949"
"New York 1 1947"
"Gloucester 1 1944"

All images copyright The Aaron Siskind Foundation

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

much a do...

So lots to share with you all...some new work, some news...

First I'd like to share with you all a new blog that was just started by a beautiful and also extremly talented photographer, Kelly Marion. She has been posting some of her old work from her archives as well as new work taken on her brand new Canon digital. It is Kelly's first leap into the digital world and she is off and running with it. Find her image and link below and be sure to stay tuned for some great writing as well as some wonderful images!

"Self Portrait, suitcase 1" From the Surrey street series.
"Mr. Baker" Jessup, PA

More to come from me soon. I am more excited about photography right now then I have been in a long time. Kelly and I will be working on projects together in the very near future, and I also have a few things burning right now for myself that I hope will be large leaps in my career. Stay tuned as always for updates and news...but in the mean time...just be

Friday, August 14, 2009


More new work, but this time posted from my brand new computer. quite a nice upgrade and the first big step toward starting up a bit more professional approach to photography. Maybe it will even make my photographs better!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well it's been an unexpectedly fun and busy week, so I haven't gotten around to posting up any new work, but the wait is over! More images from the Hampton beach trip. As I look at these, I am happy with the outcome and am surpriced to have so many images that I like from just one outing. Really makes me want to plan more time fr myself to devout to shooting new work. I will be going out with a camera over the next few weeks, and possibly getting back to some large format Black and White picture always stay tuned and keep having fun!



"Hotel Sign"