Monday, July 6, 2009

Another image tells a story

I knew about this but forgot...Nancy over at "Every Photo Tells a Story" blog, posted up another one of my images a few weeks back. Check out the comments section to see folks ideas and stories about what they get from the image.

This is once again a very funny thing to see, because, like my other image on her blog, I know what was going on when I took the photograph and how I was feeling about it. Some people share some of the same feelings but most are new takes on it. I typically don't put a lot of fore thought into images as I am making them, trying to stay open to any number of feelings and images. Shoot first think later. So being much later I enjoy reading people's responses, and re-thinking about the image I made almost 3 years ago now...

Hope everyone is well and be sure to check back to Nancy's blog.

"Leaf on a Screen" Greenville, ME

Every Photo Tells a Story Blog

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