Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, Monday

This was a beautiful morning in Maine, about 6:00 am or so, just before I was to go inside and set up for breakfast. It was one of the slowest sunrises I ever saw, and beautiful the whole time. I'm posting it now because, it was a beautiful Monday today, and a great start to the week. Just as this was a great way to begin this morning.

I'll also be getting into the darkroom and developing some new images as well as printing. Keep an eye peeled for new work of the black and white variety, and maybe some color too...

"Sunrise, Greenville, Maine"


  1. This is so serene and at the same time, epic! Reminds me of the classic movie "On Golden Pond" Great, Great Stuff!

  2. I've kayaked this early in the morning, just to kayak, and it's the most peaceful, serene, time of day to be on the water. Wonderful!