Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exposure Project News

Exciting news with The Exposure Project...We are nearing completion of book 4 and we all think that this will be our best effort yet thanks to the wonderful contributions of the photographers featured in this book. Above is the cover to our new book, and below you will find the list of photographers in this issue. Stay tuned to this blog as well as the exposure project's blog and website for updates and information about the release date and other details.

Chris Bentley,
Rona Chang,
Daniel Farnum,
Elizabeth Fleming,
Lee Gainer,
Matthew Genitempo,
Inka LindergÄrd & Niclas Holmström,
Natascha Libbert,
Bradley Peters,
Carlo Van de Roer,
Daniel Shea,
Manuel Vazquez,
Jens Windolf,
Susan Worsham
Bahar Yurukoglu



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