Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening day!

Nancy, from "every photo tells a story" contacted me a few days ago and asked if she could use this image on her own blog. The concept is, she gathers images and lets folks write their own words or interpretations of the image in the comments section. Good idea. So head on over and contribute to this image's story, and check out some of the other work she's got up there. 

Thanks Nancy!

"Two Paper bags, Greenville, ME"



  1. I never know whether or not leave a comment in this situation. So here goes: Thank you, Adam, for writing about my blog! There are some interesting poems and reflections inspired by your photograph. As it should. AND, if you ever want to submit another one, I would absolutely love it:)

  2. The NJ ASK test used to have a "picture prompt" for kids to write to. It was kind of a speculate what's going on. This picture would be perfect for that type of thing :)