Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Indobox 3.19.2010 Boston, MA

Steve and Joe

Joe and Brownie of tDB

                             Mike Carter
Joe with tDB



                             Joe Zarick

Joe gets thanks from Brownie

I had the good fortune to shoot a friends band, The Indobox, last Friday night at the House of Blues in Boston. I haven't shot a show in years and it was great to get back to doing it, especially during a somewhat chaotic and strange night...

The last show I shot, again was years ago, so at the time I was still shooting film and doing my own processing. which was a main reason I stopped doing shows. The overhead cost of all the post work, was the main reason I stopped doing shows. But here we are in the digital age, and it was never more fun or easy than this time around. Getting back into the pit and being right up front, feeding off of the band's energy in front of you, and the crowds energy directly behind, that excitment is what I always loved about concert photography. For being a little rusty, I feel like I got some good images out of this, and it has only made me want to shoot more shows.

Check back in the next few days to see the main act images, The Disco Biscuits, from this same night!



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  1. These look really great. I think for being rusty they are much better than just good man.

    Digital has it's place and this is definitely one of them.

    Always a pleasure to look at your work.