Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Few New

As promised, here is a sampling of some of the new images I made throughout my rip to Pennsylvania last week. A majority of the scanning is now done so over the next few days/week, i'll be posting more substantial groups of images from the different place we got to visit and shoot at.

These three images come from three different stops along our trip. The top image is from an old church in the country near my home town of Shamokin. A very old church that, to my knowledge, doesn't get used that much anymore, my Great Grandmother went there. Next is from the old mining town of Centralia, PA. It is an abandoned mining town whose residents were literally forced to move due to an underground fire burning for some 40 years now, more on this very weird place later. And lastly, from Knobels Amusement park. It is a free admission theme park near my hometown, so in the fall, when the park goes to sleep, you can still get in and have a walk about, quite strange.

All of these places Are within 15min of the house I grew up in, and I had never been to any of them with my camera after all this time. It was great to finally get to these places and explore them. A friend of mine just reminded me of what an old friend used to say about shooting, and I think it fits here. "If you don't know what to shoot, shoot in your back yard" T.Petit

"Shed, Oak Grove"
"Wall Detail, Centralia, PA"
"Kiddie Wheel"

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  1. Tom would be so excited to see all of our work from Pennsylvania. He loved looking at Jessup, said it reminded him of the town he grew up in, in Ohio. I think he would be very happy with this :)