Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogs I dig

Breaking away from the pictures for a moment (don't worry, my daily image will be posted later this afternoon) I wanted to share with you two blogs that I feel are worth sharing...

First, is a blog and group that I have been apart of now for a little over a year, The Exposure Project Blog. It is regularly updated with current, past and all things photography. Comments on contemporary photographers, up and comming photographers, as well as the classics and greats! Please check it out for a wonderful discussion of photography, and why it is fantastic!

And, secondly, is the blog of teacher, friend, and cohort, Stephen Sheffield. He recently, like me, got into the blog game, and has started his own daily blog-o. Follow it for wonderful mixed-media and alternative approaches to photography, as well as good ol fashioned silver work!

The Exposure Project:
Stephen Sheffield :

"Man In Water" Image by Stephen Sheffield

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